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Innovative Dog Leash Solutions

Enjoy a smoother walk with your dog using our revolutionary leash systems! Stop leash chewing immediately! Walk Multiple Dogs Tangle Free! Ideal for puppy training, city living and pet-friendly communities too!

What’s a
Leash Link?

Leash Links offers innovative solutions for common dog walking struggles such as leash chewing, puppy training, city walking and double dog walking. Leash Links work by simply attaching the patent pending universal LINK to any leash or handle on one end and a dog's collar or harness on the other end. Solve leash chewing problems without muzzles, chemical sprays or tough on teeth metal chains!

  • Home No Muzzling
  • Home No Chemical Sprays
  • Home No Metal Chains

Stop Leash Chewing Immediately!

Lots of dogs have trouble with leash biting. Our anti-chew solution aims to help frustrated dog owners & pups become happy walkers! Watch our real-life walking transformations to see what your future holds with Leash Links! These dogs stopped leash chewing immediately when the Chew Proof Dog Leash- Signature Walk Kit was attached to their collars and harnesses. Seeing is Believing!

Transforming Dog
Walking One
“Link” at a Time!

At Leash Links we set out to develop an innovative patent pending product to mitigate common dog walking behavioral problems for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Making chew-free walks an everyday reality for all dogs.

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The Benefits of Using Leash Links

  • Stops Leash Chewing Immediately
  • Puppy Walking Leash Trainer
  • City Walking Control
  • Tangle Free
  • Multiple Dog Walking
  • Waterproof
  • Stinkproof
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