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A Woman’s Best Friend

Our very own Demetra Santos was recently featured in South Shore Home Life & Style Magazine’s Inspiring Women in Business 2020 edition. You can read her story and how she ended up as Co-Founder & COO of Leash Links.

Which got us thinking…many have heard the saying “dog is a man’s best friend,” but what about women?

Dog Leash Product Purchases

Well, here at Leash Links, we see woman after woman purchasing our Chew Proof Dog Leash Signature Walk Kit. The result! Their puppies and adult dogs immediately start to walk properly without chewing their leashes.

Today’s women are busy! They want products that are easy to use and easy to clean. As a result, they turn to our Biothane ® leashes and are loving them!

These smart women are also business owners of dog training facilities and dog walking organizations. They have discovered that Leash Links’ innovative dog leash offerings such as the Dual Leash No Tangle Double Walker Kit have given them better tools to grow their businesses with.

Everyone should own a dog in 2021

With women beating out men for the majority of our sales in 2020, we totally believe that dogs are a woman’s best friend too and we are not the only ones!  Just last year, published this fascinating article which summarized Quartz reporter Leah Fessler’s interviews with 50 high profile women. Several of them stated having a dog has made a huge difference to their lives and careers. Some went as far as to say that everyone should own a dog. We couldn’t agree more!

As we close out 2020, we look back over a year we will not soon forget while wishing all dog owners, men and women 😊 along with their best furry friends, a healthy and Happy New Year 2021!

Demetra, Joe, Nancy & Rick

Co-Founders of Leash Links

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