The More the Merrier...with Leash Links' Multiple Dog Walker System

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The More Dogs the Merrier!

Humans love their dogs and love to walk them! Walks allow dogs to work off pent up energy, everyone gets some exercise and humans get to show off their most cherished pets!

Everywhere you look today, people are walking their dogs. What we have noticed over the last couple of years is an increase in dual dog and triple dog walking as seen here with our customer Angela’s adorable Mini Dachshunds from Glendale, Arizona.

Should you get another dog? Or even more? Here is a countdown to why the answer is YES!!!

#4 Dogs like having other dogs around. Just like humans enjoy human companionship (sometimes😊), dogs are pack animals and are most content surrounded by other dogs.

#3 Multiple dogs in homes helps dogs naturally release energy and improve their disposition by being playful with each other.

#2 When humans are away, dogs have less anxiety, are less mischievous and have less chance of becoming depressed when they have furry friends to hang around with.


A common problem with walking multiple dogs with traditional leashes is tangled leashes…leashes tangled around the dogs, tangled around sniff worthy landmarks or worse…tangled around your legs! Angela actually sprained her ankle when walking her minis using traditional leashes.

Leash Links’ patent pending Multiple Dog Leash System is 100% Tangle Free and Angela is raving about it in her review here. A game changer for Angela, for multiple dog walkers across the country and the #1 reason for adding on to your Pawdom!

#1 The No Tangle Multiple Walker System by Leash Links!  Waterproof, StinkProof, Tangle Free and so much Fun! SHOP NOW! and don’t forget to add coupon code THEMORETHEMERRIER for extra 20% off!

Thanks for reading and being part of our Leash Links Family! Please share pictures and videos of your pawdom on any of our social media platforms or email us here!   

Happy Walking,

Demetra, Joe, Nancy & Rick

Co-Founders of Leash Links

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