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Short Biothane® Dog Leash – The Handle

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Leash Links’ Handle Leash is a great addition to your leash collection! Made of Biothane® polymer coated material, our handles offer the look and feel of leather while providing exceptional strength and grip. For urban traffic environments or when you need better command of your larger dogs with less pulling and straining, handle leashes are the best choice! And if you happen to have a leash biter, supplement your Leash Links with additional handles offered in a multitude of fun colors. Made in the U.S.A. with our very own custom-made hardware, these handle leashes are durable, waterproof, cleanable and fun!


Our ¾” diameter leash paired with our custom made quick-connect, non-stick swivel snap hooks offers exceptional grip and break strength of 750 pounds.

Long Lasting

Biothane® material will not fade with time and is stronger than both nylon and leather.

Low Maintenance

Wipes clean in seconds! Will not dry, rot or mold and will not absorb odors!


Biothane® webbing is coated with patented PVC polymer that allows liquids to roll right off.


Lightweight, flexible and pliable for a soft and smooth feel in your hand.

Better Command of Larger Dogs

Less pulling, less strain.

Improved Control for City Environments

Safer, quicker restraint while maneuvering through high traffic zones.

Stress Free Ordering

The Handle Leash comes with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.

U.S.A. Strong

We design our products from our headquarters on the South Shore of Massachusetts and source our materials from quality U.S.A. manufacturers. We love our country as much as we love our dogs.

Revolutionary USA-made Biothane®, a heavy-duty PET webbing coated with patented PVC, resulting in the look and feel of leather.

Custom-made, quick connect, non-stick and lightweight swivel snap hooks made of rust resistant zinc alloy/ nickel plated metal. So much easier to use than traditional hooks!

Rivets made of rust resistant brass/ nickel plated metal and placement designed for added durability.


10 ¾” Length x ¾” Diameter


2.7 ounces


Hand Wash
Mild Detergent
Air Dry


Do not leave dogs unattended with Leashes which are not chew-proof!


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  1. Carolyn W.

    The short leash is a great training tool!

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