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Dual or Triple Dog Leash – The No Tangle Multiple Walker

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Professional dog walkers and multiple dog owners…Ears Up!

Use this walk kit for:

– Walking 2 dogs or more with ease

– Walking multiple dogs tangle-free

– Better command & control over your dogs

Our Multiple Walker provides an effective, tangle-free, waterproof and chew-free solution for walking more than 1 dog with ease. Choose 2 or 3 signature Leash Links based on how many dogs you want to walk! The system is outfitted with couplers and available in a multitude of fun colors, mix and match to showcase your dogs’ personalities. Take your dog on a play date, start a dog walking meetup app or grow your walking business by using Leash Links’ innovative products! Our offerings are made from strong, revolutionary materials that can withstand everything from the elements to energetic dogs. To start walking, simply hook your Leash Links to your dogs and a leash of your choice and start walking! Or better yet…add on to your order one of our very own USA Made Biothane ® material leashes and begin transforming your walks today. Say goodbye to traditional leashes wrapped around your legs or the sniff-worthy landmarks on your walks and say hello to your very own Leash Links walking system!

Works best with dogs greater than 12 pounds and comes with a 30-day,100% money back guarantee! 

Multiple Dog Walking

Take your dog on a play date! Great product for professional dog walkers or owners with more than 1 dog.

Healthy Lifestyles

Walking your dog is great for the health of both of you! Walking allows for the release of pent-up energy, keeps boredom at bay, provides mental stimulation and an opportunity to exercise.

Durable & Low Maintenance

A dog product that not only improves walking experiences but is strong, waterproof, tangle-free, stink-proof, and long-lasting! Now that is pretty “PawSome!”

U.S.A. Strong

We design our products from our headquarters on the South Shore of Massachusetts and source our materials from quality U.S.A. manufacturers. We love our country as much as we love our dogs!

Stress Free Ordering

The Multiple Walker is best used with dogs of similar sizes greater than 12 pounds and comes with a 30-day,100% money back guarantee.

Universal Attachment

Connect your Leash Links to any leash. Pick your favorite, attach to the Leash Links and start walking your dogs!


Stainless Steel Cable Wire with Breaking Strength of 920 pounds.

Top of the line, non-toxic PVC waterproof piping that withstands harsh UV sunlight and will not rust or warp.

Lightweight swivel snap hooks made of rust resistant zinc alloy/ nickel plated metal.

Couplers with breaking strength of over 200 pounds.


Revolutionary USA-made Biothane®, a heavy-duty PET webbing coated with patented PVC, resulting in the look and feel of leather.

Exceptional grip and break strength of 750 pounds while feeling soft and smooth in your hand.

Custom-made, quick connect, non-stick and lightweight swivel snap hooks made of rust resistant zinc alloy/ nickel plated metal. So much easier to use than traditional hooks!

Rivets made of rust resistant brass/ nickel plated metal and placement designed for added durability.


Leash Link (Each): 18 ½” Length x 1” Diameter
Leash (Optional): 4’ Length x ¾” Diameter


Leash Link(each): 5.1 oz

4ft Leash (Optional): 4.9 oz


Hand Wash
Mild Detergent
Air Dry


Product is intended to be used as an aid while walking. Do not leave dogs unattended with Leash Links or Leashes (Leashes are not chew-proof!)

Link #1

Link #2

Link #3 (optional)

The Leash (optional)

Leash Color

Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow

Leash Length

6 ft

14 reviews for Dual or Triple Dog Leash – The No Tangle Multiple Walker

  1. paige

    This is the best product ever!

  2. Eric

    This is the best product! It helped my dogs!

  3. Hannah M.

    We love our new No Tangle Double Walker! Walking our dogs, Bert and Ernie, is so much easier now! We also bought the optional leash and glad we did. It is the perfect length and love the easy clean, no smell aspect! Going to recommend entire Kit to all our dog walking friends!

  4. Deborah Ellison

    Great product but it would work better with a larger circle that connects 2 links so you can hook leash to that. 2 circles in one hook is too bulky. I thought it came that way. We have to go buy one.

  5. Angela S.

    This is by far the best product I have purchased for my dogs! I have five mini dachshunds and my other multi-dog leash kept getting twisted and tangled. I had to stop several times on walks to untangle the leashes. Three weeks ago, this tangled mess caused me to sprain my ankle when I tripped over their tangled mess. My google search led me to Leash Links where I purchased two of the No Tangle Double Walker kits plus a single one and I’m so happy I did! I was worried this would be too bulky for my smaller dogs (about 15 pounds each) but they are lighter than I expected. I was even able to put three on one leash and two on the other leash and my walks are much more relaxing and enjoyable!! I highly recommend Leash Links! I also work in a veterinary clinic and tell everyone I see who is having issues walking their dogs or when I see chewed up leashes. Thanks for a great product!!

  6. Mike

    Absolutely love our new Leash Links multi walker. I have French bulldogs and this is the ONLY way to walk them. It is one hand easy! Need to get them black and red now to match their harnesses! Great invention! I recommended Leash Links to my breeder for all her dogs.

  7. Kaylyn from CA

    I haven’t seen a leash SO amazing that worked for all 3 of my pups!
    I usually have to use a splitter and a single leash but the Leash Links solved all my problems!
    10/10 recommend to pet parents of multiples!

  8. Carolyn C.

    My large lab mixes did great with the dual dog leash. I like that it keeps the leash away from their legs. I didn’t have to stop and untwist them so placement was good. Someone stopped me and commented on how cool the leashes were and great to be able to add on dogs as needed. Recommend to anyone looking for a truly no tangle multiple dog walking experience.

  9. Amy

    What a game changer! My Bernese Mountain Dogs love to walk side by side, but they are so big and strong that up til now, we’ve had a strict one-dog-per-person rule. With LeashLinks, I can walk the two of them all by myself and not worry about them tangling the leash (or me). Love the customizable colors and it’s easy to clean! I like the traffic handle if I’m walking just one dog, and would love to see a lower down handle added to the long leash extension to help me rein in both pups every now and then.

  10. Sharene

    So excited to have received my double leash! Great quality and design. Attentive and thoughtful customer service – great product! It makes walking my two standard poodles so much easier – thank you!

  11. K. Rubio

    I was able to walk all my dogs on the beach on 1 leash. I never could have done this without your fantastic product!!!

  12. Jane

    HUGE thank you for inventing this product! I was really amazed at the double links walker. I have tried to link regular leashes together and you can just imagine the chaos that ensues. There would be times that I would be in the middle of the tangle, but not with Leash Links. I am highly recommending this to everyone that I know that has dogs.
    I love it. Thank you so much for such a positive experience.

  13. Christina W.

    I purchased the dual dog leash and overnight my Huskies were force to become anti leash chewers. Also instantly got rid of the leash getting tangled. Our Walks are more enjoyable and stress free. All walk, no bite product stands by its slogan!

  14. Libby

    I had to reach out and thank you for founding Leash Links.

    I adopted two 4-year old Samoyeds this week from a shelter in NJ, and the thought of walking them alone with my 8-year old pup was terrifying.

    Surprise…your product made it possible. So easy! So well designed! The triple multi walker is a must have for walking 3 dogs!

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