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Dog Leash Training System- The Chew Proof Signature Walker

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Introducing Leash Links’ Dog Leash Training System- The Chew Proof Signature Walker. The safe and easy solution for walking dogs.

Use this walk kit to:

– Stop your dog from leash chewing

– Train your puppies to walk properly

– Keep your puppy safe in urban/city walking environments

– Gain better control & command over your dog

Say NO to:

   Metal chain leashes that damage dogs’ teeth

   Muzzles which cause dogs to be agitated

   Chemical sprays that can have harmful additives

Finally, a solution which vets recommend! The Chew Proof Signature Walker comes complete with our patent-pending Leash Link and a handle made of revolutionary Biothane ® material.

Simply attach the Leash Link and Handle combo to your dog’s harness or collar for an effective and safe deterrent for leash chewing while you both enjoy your stroll. Beaches, parks, trails, city sidewalks and neighborhood are all options available to you when you use your Leash Link.

Great for puppies that are struggling to leash train and for dog walking in high traffic environments too! Available in a multitude of fun colors, mix and match the Link and Handle colors to make your very own style statement. Say goodbye to muzzles, chemical sprays and metal chains and say hello to your very own Leash Links Chew Proof Signature Walker.

Works best with dogs greater than 12 pounds and comes with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee!

NOTE: Product is intended to be used as an aid while walking. Do not leave dog unattended with Leash Link or Handle (Handle is NOT chew-proof!)

Stop Leash Chewing

A safer and more humane alternative to muzzles, metal chains and chemical sprays! Use as an anti-chew training tool for dogs of all ages.  Leash Links proves “You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks!”

Puppy Training

A must have for puppy owners. Introduce your puppy to proper walking techniques starting with their inaugural walk.

Better Command of Larger Dogs

Less pulling, less strain.

Improved Control for Urban Living 

Safer, quicker restraint while maneuvering through high traffic zones.

Durable & Low Maintenance

A dog product that not only improves walking experiences but is strong, waterproof, stink-proof and long-lasting! Now that is pretty “PawSome!”

Healthy Lifestyles

Walking your dog is great for the health of both of you! Walking allows for the release of pent-up energy, keeps boredom at bay, provides mental stimulation and an opportunity to exercise. Some of our test dogs and owners have even lost a few pounds using their Leash Link to conquer the perpetual leash biting ‘the tug-of-war.”

U.S.A. Strong

We design our products from our headquarters on the South Shore of Massachusetts and source our materials from quality U.S.A. manufacturers. We love our country as much as we love our dogs!

Stress Free Ordering

The Signature Walker works best with dogs greater than 12 pounds and comes with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.

Universal Attachment

Attach your Leash Links to your favorite leash or handle, attach your dog to the other end and start walking!


Stainless Steel Cable Wire with Breaking Strength of 920 pounds.

Top of the line, non-toxic PVC waterproof piping that withstands harsh UV sunlight and will not rust or warp.

Lightweight swivel snap hooks made of rust resistant zinc alloy/ nickel plated metal.


Revolutionary USA-made Biothane®, a heavy-duty PET webbing coated with patented PVC, resulting in the look and feel of leather.

Exceptional grip and break strength of 750 pounds while feeling soft and smooth in your hand.

Custom-made, quick connect, non-stick and lightweight swivel snap hooks made of rust resistant zinc alloy/ nickel plated metal. So much easier to use than traditional hooks!

Rivets made of rust resistant brass/ nickel plated metal and placement designed for added durability.


Leash Link: 18 ½” length x 1” diameter
Handle: 10 ¾” length x ¾” diameter


Leash Link:  5.1 ounces

Handle: 2.7 ounces


Hand Wash
Mild Detergent
Air Dry


Product is intended to be used as an aid while walking. Do not leave dog unattended with Leash Link or Handle (Handle is not chew-proof!)

The Handle

Handle Color

Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow

The Link

35 reviews for Dog Leash Training System- The Chew Proof Signature Walker

  1. Kathleen C.

    My female is like a different dog…it’s GREAT! I brought her to the vet and the staff was very impressed with Leash Links!

  2. Mike and Susan C.

    We’ve witnessed the struggle to walk Leash Links’ mascot, Walter. As bulldog owners ourselves we know first hand the effort to walk a leash biter. Seeing the impact on Walter is amazing. A walk is now what it is intended to be, pleasant. For all those still struggling, this is for you. Clever idea!

  3. Jack R.

    My dog had bitten and broken two separate leashes before I got him a Leash Link Walk Kit. Now, not only can he not bite and rip his leash but he’s forced to walk closer to me and more in a straight line. Our walks our now longer and better than ever with the Leash Link Walk Kit! Love it!

  4. paige

    Amazing Product!

  5. Tony D.

    This works “PISSA!” I can’t believe it! He actually can’t do it, he can’t bite his leash. We were going to try to take him back to class because he is so bad on the leash. And now he is walking and now he just sat down and isn’t attacking his leash. It’s awesome!

  6. Tasha N.

    The Chew Proof Dog Leash works!! It worked the minute I put it on my 1 year old black lab! We have not been able to walk him until now! Leash Links rocks! Give them a try. You will be glad you did!

  7. Jeff

    Been using this for a few days now. Have great control over my crazy GSD. He hasn’t tried once to reach around and bite it like he used to with his leather leash. Truly works great

  8. Robert

    My new Leash Links has been a game changer for apartment and city living. It is so much easier to navigate the hallways of my apartment building and sidewalks of the busy streets – this is an absolute must have!

  9. Roxanne

    I received my leash link and used it today. I have a boxer who walks great with a “easy walk” harness, he doesn’t pull. However about a month ago he started biting and pulling on the leash every time we passed a dog. I mean he would not let go, biting and pulling my arm. It was insane! TODAY, we used leash link. It was great! Problem solved. Thank you! Sincerely, Roxanne

  10. Nick

    I just received my Leash Links today and used it with my new puppy who has been chewing and biting any traditional leash I have used. Problem solved! I can’t believe how well it worked! Tobi immediately stopped biting at the leash and walked right by my side. Awesome invention, great product!

  11. Sam

    I have a tenacious Tibetan terrier who was hard to control on walks. She always wanted to walk herself. I used this leash on her, and she gave up on trying to walk herself. She stopped biting the leash and now walks are so much easier!

  12. Olivia D.

    Finally! A product that does what it says! It actually stopped my puppy from chewing her leash right away! Now I can enjoy walking my pup in sunny California! Thanks Leash Links!

  13. Joann

    Best Christmas gift I ever bought for myself and my dog! My black lab had a big problem chewing her leash when walking. The Signature Walk Kit worked immediately! Love the quality and that it worked instantly! Highly Recommend!

  14. Gerre

    Love the new leash!!! It really works!

  15. Erin K.

    Harmony, our pitbull rescue, is doing great. Leash Links worked! For the most part now, she is good without her Leash Link but when she is really excited, we still use it!

  16. Gabby V.

    My puppy became a leash biter around 5 months old. I couldn’t get her to stop no matter what! Then I tried the Leash Links Walk Kit and it changed everything. Now she walks perfectly and never looks back to bite her leash. I can’t thank Leash Links enough!! Great product and cool looking too!

  17. Donald C.

    We have a Pitsky rescue dog and my wife and I were struggling because we couldn’t walk him. We are in our 70s and the dog was too strong and was biting the leash. We called Leash Links and spoke with Demetra and Joe. They suggested this Walk Kit and it works perfectly! From Day 1 when it arrived in the mail we have been able to easily walk Bingo! I also think this could be a great aide for certain types of service dogs. Great product!

  18. Kate- Dog Trainer from L.A.

    I teach a puppy kindergarten class and I just recommended the Leash Link kit as a great product to help end leash biting before it develops into a strong habit! My dog trainer colleague gave me a Leash Link kit and I have been using it pretty much every walk with my dog! I love it! I recently adopted my 70 pound pit bull mix and he had a very extreme leash biting habit. I once saw him chew through a leash in about 30 seconds. I had been using a chain extension to avoid the behavior but the chain would hit my legs and I would get nervous about it wrapping around his legs! I also didn’t love the chain because it has the look of a choke chain, and just scary dog attire in general. The leash link is great because it looks so friendly! And it works. So thank you SO much!!

  19. Mary Lou C.

    Just wanted to say that I created my own version of this for years using different materials and they never lasted…..this PROFESSIONALLY made version is a God send! She bit through 4 leather leashes before! Now she LOVES her Leash Link! Thank you!

  20. Alex S.

    We live in a busy city with many distractions and busy streets. We love our leash links as they give us more control and a sense of safety on our city walks with our puppy. Not to mention we received complements on the stylish blue color!

  21. Paul B., Hilton Head, S.C.

    My young dog was constantly biting and grabbing his leash. Instead of walking, he usually just wanted to roll on the ground with the leash in his mouth and wrap himself up in it. None of the trainers’ tips worked, and the chain and metal non-bite leashes were heavy and had the potential to damage his teeth. I was desperate to find a solution. I’m not exaggerating when I say my problem was solved as soon as I hooked Leash Links to my pup’s harness. He immediately stopped biting the leash and rolling with it. I can’t imagine a better product to stop leash biting than this one. Thank you Leash Links for making dog-walking the stress-free and happy experience it is meant to be!

  22. Tamara Dawson

    Oh my gosh, so much to say!!! To begin, Leash Links is a BRILLIANT concept! My very naughty 1 year old English Lab Poncho (aka Poncho Loco 😂) bites the leash like crazy (seriously, almost lost a finger or two!) and was honestly a nightmare to walk, but with Leash Links he doesn’t bite it anymore – pure magic! Now for Demetra Santos, what a love!! Not only did I received phenomenal customer service from her but what an incredibly kind human being. I highly recommend Leash Links and would give them a bazillion star rating if it were possible! Thank YOU!

  23. mark Becker

    We have a labrador puppy that has now chewed through 3 flexi retractable leashes. I spoke with a owner of this company, Demetra Santos, a very nice woman, and we came up with the idea of putting her product, without the handle on the end of the flexi leash to prevent Jake from biting it to pieces..Works perfectly..We now laugh at Jake as he attempts to bite through this leash extension and gets nowhere..Furthermore the PVC coating protects his teeth. Recommend highly..great product..wonderful owner..will save you a significant amount of money in the long run

  24. kat

    WOW!!!!! thats all that is needed. PHENOMENAL! was going thru 3 leashes a week courtesy of my 4 month old Hybrid dog…up to 40 lbs, pulls me like a sled dog…and manages to cut leashes in half while you walk him. NOT WITH THIS ONE!! It really works, helps keep your pup close, solid, strong materials. well worth every dollar.

  25. Cassandra Snyder

    Absolutely love this leash! My pup loved to grab her leash when we run, causing me to lose control of her, and to hit pavement one too many times. Not to mention, running through leashes almost every month because she would chew through them. Use as a standalone (initially or in public)or, attached to a longer one, this leash will change your walks. From the first moment, she could not bite her leash, now she doesn’t even try. Customer service cannot be beat! Such a small investment for a giant reward! Thank you Leash Links and Demetra.

  26. Jan Feise

    Seriously! My 7 month old puppy would not stop chewing, biting, and trying to play tug with the leash. I tried a plastic-covered cable leash, a chain leash, climbing rope, bitter apple spray, and I even made my own version of the Leash Links (before I knew they existed.) Absolutely nothing worked. I was truly desperate. At 7 months, he is 73 pounds and with him constantly chewing and tugging on the leash, it is impossible to walk him . Received the Leash Links yesterday. Put it on him and the transformation was amazing! He didn’t even try to bite it. My neighbor saw us walking by and commented that he acted like a different dog. I am beyond happy!

  27. Susan A.

    Thanks for your great customer service and very prompt delivery of the leash I ordered. It came just in time, as our new 2 year old rescue dog had already destroyed 2 leashes and one harness in 2 days. After Googling “leashes that dogs can’t chew”, I saw your leash was ranked #1. It’s well worth the cost, because I don’t see it needing to be replaced. Ever. She tried to chew on it, realized it was futile, and gave up after a couple attempts. This leash makes teaching her how to walk on a leash so much easier and less stressful. It’s a brilliant design.

  28. Licia Carrizales

    The leash links are a great invention! I have been able to use with my older Rottweiler and Puppy Rottweiler at the same time. I was in need of a leash since my puppy had eaten an old
    Dog leash I had. Leash links products were delivered in a speedily fashion. Thanks so much for this great product!

  29. Kelsey Kozikowski

    We love this solution to leash training. Bruschi is just getting stronger and stronger and it’s harder to control him! This helps me with training him to walk nice. We love it!!!!!

  30. Patricia Shephard

    this is the ONLY leash my 2 1/2 year old had not eaten.I was ordering a leash a month.
    I am so Happy…

  31. Jack

    Leash Links is a very effective deterrent to pulling and leash biting. Great Product!!

  32. Dennis

    I want you to know that I love your product. I purchased one several months ago and I’m going to purchase a second one today. Your leash has helped my German Shepherd pup and me out a lot the past four months and I’ve told so many pet owners that stop me and ask about your leash link!

  33. ms.brossa

    So I purchased this about 2 months ago and was so happy at the results I felt obligated to write a review. I have a husky elk hound mix and walking her was so stressful due to her constantly biting the leash. It was giving me extreme anxiety that she was going to get loose (at least two occasions she somehow unhooked herself). I didn’t know what to do. I looked online and came across this product and it has seriously become a god send. I can actually walk her now with out any issue! Thank you! You guys are awesome 💜

  34. Lisa

    So much easier.

    Our large 18-month-old puppy needs reminders while on walks and this is so much easier. No more chewing. And much easier to keep her near if she see’s a squirrel or friendly face she wants to jump on.

  35. Michele

    I just wanted to thank you for the great leash! I finally have found a leash that stops my dog chewing it!! My dog tried to bite it once and has never tried again. Best invention!

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