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For puppies that are still learning or dogs that just can’t kick the leash biting habit,
Leash Links is the answer.

Our Mission
Why we do what we do
Leash Links style!

At Leash Links, our mission is to help dog owners everywhere walk their dog safely, stylishly, and in control. We are transforming the art of dog walking by introducing a unique line of innovative products inspired by our own struggles to have a well-behaved dog while leash walking. We created Leash Links so you can finally walk your dog safely and look sharp doing so! You and your dog are our top priority and we are committed to offering you excellent customer service paired with top quality products. Our aim is to make you and your furry friend the talk of the town!

Our Story
How we Transformed
Dog Walking

The story of Leash Links begins with a leash-chewing English bulldog named Walter. Rick and Nancy Vazza, frustrated with their dog’s stubborn biting and chewing, dreamed of a simple solution to mitigate Walter’s annoying behavior forever. With visions of tug-free seaside dog walks in mind, Rick set out to design an easy and practical solution to Walter’s irritating behavior.

Walter, like so many dogs, had struggled with his leash since puppydom. He chewed on it, played with it, tugged at it, and bit it—Rick had tried everything to get him to stop, from sprays to metal chain leashes. Nothing worked, and Rick often found himself hauling his 70-pound dog home from the beach. So much for peaceful seaside strolls.

One day, a frazzled and disheartened Rick was strolling through his local hardware store when inspiration struck. Hours later he had created the first Leash prototype and it worked! Rick and Nancy rushed to tell their friends and co-founders, Joe Lamparelli and Demetra Santos, who instantly latched on to the concept.

Improving on Rick’s prototype, they experimented in Joe’s garage until the legendary “AHA” moment arrived. Joe redesigned “The Leash” into a universal “Link” attachment. With that, Leash Links was born, Walter’s leash biting came to an end and pristine beachside walks became an everyday reality for all.

Our Team
Meet Our Founders

Rick Vazza


Joe Lamparelli

VP of Engineering

Demetra Santos


Nancy Vazza

Managing Director

Meet Our Mascot and His Girlfriend


Chew Proof Dog Training Leash System-The Signature Walker

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Our Product
What’s a
Leash Link?

Leash Links offers innovative solutions for common dog walking struggles such as leash chewing, puppy training, double walking and urban control. Leash Links work by simply attaching the patent pending universal LINK to any leash or handle on one end and a dog’s collar or harness on the other end. Solve leash chewing problems without muzzles, chemical sprays or tough on teeth metal chains!

  • About No Muzzling
  • About No Chemical Spray
  • About No Metal Chains


The Benefits of Using Leash Links

  • Stops Leash Chewing Immediately
  • Puppy Walking Leash Trainer
  • Control for Pet Friendly Communities & City Living
  • Tangle Free Multiple Dog Walking
  • Waterproof & Stinkproof