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No Tangle Multiple Walker

The ultimate solution for walking multiple dogs! The Patent Pending No Tangle solution you have been looking for! Recommended by multiple pet owners and professional dog walkers! Check it out!

Mascot Walter Stops Leash Biting Immediately

Mascot Walter is the reason Leash Links began! Walter chewed his leash for 4 years until Leash Links!

Puppy Bo Stops Leash Biting Immediately

Puppy Bo was struggling to walk and loved biting his leash. Leash Links to the rescue!

Before & After

Lots of dogs have trouble with leash biting. Our anti-chew solution aims to help frustrated dog owners & pups become happy walkers! Watch our real-life walking transformations to see what your future holds with Leash Links! Seeing is Believing!


Use Leash Links Kits for leash biters, training puppies to walk correctly, city traffic walking aide, better command of large dogs and tangle-free multiple dog walking. Leash Links! Transforming walking for dogs that chew their leash and much more!

Benefits: Urban Living

Dog owners face unique challenges living in urban environments. Lots of people, lots of cars and lots of distractions for their dogs. A key feature of the Signature Walk Kit is being able to keep your dog close which is safer for you, your dog and the general public. City living with your pet has never been easier!

Benefits: Community Living

When you live in a pet-friendly apartment or condo community, your dog most likely will come in close proximity with several dogs daily! Those experienced with living in these communities recommend keeping your dog close to you rather than on a long lead! This allows owners to better control dogs’ initial interactions with each other. The Signature Walk Kit is the perfect tool to aid with this basic pet etiquette and a must for community living.