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Welcome to Leash Links, the Chew-Proof Dog Leash!

Welcome to Leash Links!

We are thrilled to share Leash Links with you. We have set out to help every frustrated dog owner who has a dog that chews his leash, every new puppy owner that wants their puppy to walk properly and every dog owner that wants low maintenance, high quality, stylish dog walking products. We believe we can help all dog walkers and are dedicated to providing anti-chew solutions and more. 

Chew-Proof Leash Information

Explore our website and you will see why we are mutts about Leash Links!

  • Media: Find great videos of our products in use.
  • Shopping: Read all the details about our anti-chew leash product and accessories offerings.
  • About Us: Enjoy the story of how Leash Links came about…if it wasn’t for Walter and our lifelong friendships, we wouldn’t be here today.

Transform Your Dog Walking Life with Us

Check back often for stories about our products, behind the scenes of our work, interesting dog articles, contests, and more. If you have great stories or photos of your furry friends, we’d love for you to share with us!

On behalf of all of us, we sincerely thank you for visiting LeashLinks.com and hope your experience with our chew resistant products transforms your dog-walking life as this venture has transformed ours.

Happy Walking,

Demetra, Joe, Rick & Nancy

Co-Founders of Leash Links

A Woman’s Best Friend

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