Short is the Way To Go! Keep your dog on a short leash!

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Keep Your Dog on a Short Leash!

When picking out a leash for your new puppy have you ever actually thought about “What makes a good leash and why?” Most dog owners walk into a pet store or shop online and pick out the coolest or prettiest leash without putting much thought into the role that the leash will play in the development and growth of their furry friend over the years.

Leash lengths vary by type.  Short leashes are typically four feet or less, standard dog leashes are six feet long and long leashes are between eight and ten feet long. The type of leash and length may seem trivial but the leash is one of the most important accessories that you and your furry friend will use together through his or her lifetime…whether training as a new puppy, visits to the vet, walking down a busy sidewalk or a stroll to the local dog park.

One can certainly feel overwhelmed when walking into a pet super store or swiping through pages and pages of leashes online, so what should you buy?

Should you get a Short Leash, a Standard Leash or a Long Leash? The answer is a SHORT LEASH and here are five beneficial reasons why!

#1 Social Distancing:  Short Dog Leashes increase safety and provide proper social distancing.  Keep your pooch from tangling around strangers’ legs and poking his or her nose where it does not belong.  You may believe that your pup is the cutest creature on Earth…(we do too), but remember not everyone is a dog lover.

#2 Training:  Short Dog Leashes are essential for teaching your puppy how to walk properly right from the start.  Keep your dog close and under control.  It is also never too late to introduce leash training to an adult dog. Training your dog to walk properly and politely takes practice, praise and plenty of patience. The leash provides you with control and allows you to train your dog as to what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior during your years together.

#3 Control:  Short Dog Leashes keep your dog close in busy areas like city sidewalks, apartments, condominium complexes and other urban environments.  Short dog leashes provide you with better control over your dog than standard or long leashes.

#4 Stress and Aggression:  Short Dog Leashes can reduce stress and aggressive behavior in those situations where you need to get a better grip on your dog or need extra control.  Dogs can often be unpredictable around people and other dogs and it is comforting to know that your dog is under control.  Protect yourself and your dog from unexpected confrontations with a short leash.

#5 Management:  Short Dog Leashes keep your dog close whether you are bringing your pup to the groomer or giving him or her a bath at home.  Short Dog Leashes are highly recommended by veterinarians everywhere as short leashes keep your dog close and safe in waiting rooms and exam rooms.

Leash Links’ patent pending Dog Leash Training System – The Chew Proof Signature Walker is being used by dog owners, dog walkers and dog trainers around the country and it boasts a short leash handle.  Click on the orange stars here to read our 5 star reviews and don’t wait! SHOP NOW and add coupon code SHORTISTHEWAYTOGO for an extra 20% off!

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